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After just one season, The View’s executive producer Bill Wolff is departing the show. Candi Carter, who launched this summer's test of Ice and Coco and produced The Oprah Winfrey Show for 15 years, will serve as interim showrunner, said ABC News president James Goldston.  Full story
NewscastStudio's inside sources at NBC News have given us a variety of tips about what, exactly, is happening inside Studio 1A in Rockefeller Plaza, home of the "Today Show."  Full story
Sarah Palin had some things to get off her mind about ESPN, of all targets. So, like your crazy aunt, she took to Facebook to air her grievances in a post of Tolstoyan proportions.  Full story
KABC-TV, the ABC O&O in Los Angeles, has relocated part of its set as work begins on a new home.  Full story
Sarah Palin’s slow descent into obscurity continued last week when she launched a new pundit-style TV show called “On Point with Sarah Palin” on a heretofore unknown cable network called “One America News.”  Full story
Rebekah Brooks will return to her old job heading Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper division, according to the Financial Times and New York Times, just over a year after being cleared of criminal charges in a phone-hacking scandal.  Full story
Just as San Antonio viewers were starting to really respond to KENS-TV’s Mayra Moreno, the striking and well-spoken reporter/anchor is leaving for a bigger market.  Full story
Weather anchor Brad Wills with Fox 5 San Diego had a slight run-in with a large flying bug during a live broadcast from the beach on Friday while reporting about the extreme heat in the area, prompting a perfect freakout.  Full story
Governments, news groups and the general public have condemned an Egyptian court's decision to jail Al Jazeera staff.  Full story
NBC's former chief health editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, has shared her experience of being quarantined in her New Jersey home last year after reporting on Ebola.  Full story
She’s a renowned human rights lawyer whose clients have included Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the state of Cambodia.  Full story
The ecosystem of press criticism is probably as strong now as it has ever been: columnists like Jack Shafer of Politico, public-minded academics like Jay Rosen of NYU, in-house critics like New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan.  Full story
From the early days of the commercial Internet, Rupert Murdoch has expressed his frustration and anger over the disingenuousness that has allowed, under the guise of freedom and innovation, a widespread appropriation of otherwise protected content.  Full story
KABC-TV, the ABC O&O in Los Angeles, has relocated part of its set as work begins on a new home.  Full story
Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is blasting CNN for relying in large part on old polling to determine who makes their prime-time debate stage next month.   Full story
The woman who was being interviewed when a gunman opened fire on a news crew on live television remembers ducking bullets before she was shot in the back, a spokesman for her family told NBC News on Friday.  Full story
The questions posed to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by Fox News correspondent Ed Henry today in Minneapolis couldn’t have been more airtight.   Full story
No doubt, the killings of Alison Parker and Adam Ward have really shaken up fellow TV journalists from all over. And whenever a tragedy like this happens there are calls to action.  Full story
Once again, it's been proven that one small slip of a finger on a keyword can lead to embarrassing gaffes.  Full story
MSNBC scaled back its coverage of the 10th ­anniversary of Hurricane Katrina because Brian Williams “misremembered” that he saw a dead body float past his hotel while he was there.  Full story
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