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Three times over the last 24 hours, Baltimore Fox affiliate WBFF has played a misleadingly edited clip from last week’s National “Justice for All” March in Washington, D.C. to make it sound like protesters were calling on people to “kill a cop.”  Full story
The Falls County Crime Stoppers is now offering a $10,000 reward, thanks to an anonymous donation of an additional $5,000.   Full story
An eyewitness recounted how he rushed to his truck to get paper towels to help stop the bleeding for a Texas meteorologist who was shot outside his television station earlier this week.  Full story
Kaley O’Kelley will co-anchor CBS 11 News at 5, 6 and 10 p.m. with Doug Dunbar beginning in late January.  Full story
Teddy Bart, a radio and TV broadcaster known for shows that often defined the discussion of Nashville's political and business heavyweights, has died at age 78.  Full story
For his last interview of the year, President Obama sat down, exclusively, with CNN’s Candy Crowley to discuss North Korea’s cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, normalizing relations with Cuba, Russia, Iran, race relations in America and Guantanamo Bay.  Full story
Award-winning journalist Marsha Bonhart, a fixture in local television news for nearly 35 years, is leaving WDTN-TV 2.  Full story
Stephen Arnold Music is continuing its holiday tradition of benefitting Little Kids Rock, a non-profit that restores and revitalizes music education in disadvantaged schools.  Full story
Good Day New York is the little morning show that could among adults 18-49, according to recent ratings info.  Full story
This New York Times correction combines Kimye, butts and a writer treating a fake news website and a fake radio station as real.  Full story
President Barack Obama's annual end-of-year press conferences are usually relatively laid-back affairs, with the president and the press corps alike eager to get a start to the holiday break.  Full story
For the third time in a month, Dish Network customers are missing out on popular programming due to a dispute with a channel owner.  Full story
Steve Kornacki is joined by the Woodhouse family, which consists of two brothers on opposite sides of the political spectrum who were schooled by their mom on C-SPAN this week.  Full story
I usually make all of my work public and transparent and involve the audience on a daily basis (on Twitter and on the Social Sandbox).  Full story
A year ago my future was more uncertain than I cared to acknowledge but now I face the New Year with very encouraging news. The cancer is in remission and I will shortly go on a drug maintenance regimen to keep it there.  Full story
It's unclear what MSNBC's Joe Scarborough meant Friday when he tweeted a joke about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly's clothes.  Full story
November delivered an early Christmas gift for WTVG-TV, Channel 13: a complete sweep of the Nielsen ratings in total number of viewers and viewers in the 25-to-54 age demographic that advertisers target.  Full story
In Thursday's finale of Serial, co-producer and narrator Sarah Koenig stays focused on the central question from which the podcast rarely wavered: Did Adnan Syed kill Hae Min Lee?  Full story
ABC10/KGTV announced on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014, that J.W. August will retire at the end of 2014, after 33 years with the station.   Full story
Modeled on a successful program for protecting scholars threatened by their regimes, a similar project for journalists could help advance security for reporters working under conditions of limited press freedom.   Full story
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