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CNN has quietly made what appears to be a beta version of a new website live.  Full story
CNN will back its election coverage with a new online Web app for its famous "Magic Wall" as well as virtual visualizations of the U.S. House and Senate chambers.  Full story
CNN plans to use the spire of the Empire State Building as an electronic graph measuring the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.  Full story
There were 60 candles on the cake — but none of it in Al Sharpton’s stomach.  Full story
Skip Waters, who has been delivering the weather to Eastern Carolina viewers for decades, has passed away, according to police.  Full story
Dumped “Meet the Press” host David Gregory was close to landing at CNN, insiders say, but the network didn’t reach a deal to bring him onboard because of his big salary demands amid crushing company cost-cutting.  Full story
Critics of the CBS "60 Minutes" report on the nurses who treated the United States' first Ebola patient are charging that the segment offered a one-sided account that overlooked the Dallas hospital's failure to save the patient's life and prevent nurses from becoming infected.  Full story
Turner Sports is wasting no time getting into midseason NBA form, beginning the 2014-15 season tonight with a doubleheader matchup: the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Dallas Mavericks followed by the Houston Rockets vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.  Full story
Tatevik Aprikyan has joined WPRI-TV/WNAC-TV Eyewitness News in Providence, RI as a reporter.  Full story
David Gregory, who was replaced as host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” in August, will appear in a Yahoo midterm election program with Katie Couric, the company said Tuesday.  Full story
KDKA's Kimberly Gill is moving on.  Full story
You might notice a familiar face on the WLBT morning newscast today. Wilson Stribling sits back down in the morning anchor chair, a role he held for 11 years.   Full story
Media General’s KRON-TV is preparing to move across town to 900 Front Street, home of KGO-TV.   Full story
Will a new national strategy help save Chicago’s money-losing No. 2 local newspaper?  Full story
Sun-Times Media may be downsizing locally, but it's aiming to grow nationally.  Full story
We're a little more than a month away from making morning television history by pulling off a live musical on Today!  Full story
The FBI created a fake news story on a bogus Seattle Times Web page to plant software in the computer of a suspect in a series of bomb threats to Timberline High School in 2007, documents reveal.  Full story
Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" is on the road this week, broadcasting from the Zach Theatre in Austin, Texas.  Full story
CNN Commentary recently noted that Wolf Blitzer's self-titled afternoon show recently moved to the Capitol view set at CNN's Washington Bureau.  Full story
Scripps recently launched Podium, part of the company’s mission to “educate and inform.”  Full story
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