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Comedy Central has announced a name change for the program scheduled to replace the "Colbert Report" in January.  Full story
Sometimes it's nice to get a little perspective.  Full story
MSNBC has started using a short but eye-catching animation before videos posted to its social media accounts.  Full story
During its coverage of the Keystone XL pipeline vote, CNN used its virtual environment technology to create a map that looked like it was taken straight out of a Hollywood science fiction flick.  Full story
Eight years ago, President George W. Bush delivered a prime time address on immigration, carried by all the big broadcast networks.  Full story
Uber is looking into claims that an executive tracked a reporter with its "God View" tool without her consent, according to Buzzfeed News, as the company publicly released its data privacy policy for the first time.  Full story
Saturday Night Live star Cecily Strong will be sharpening the news chops she honed at the "Weekend Update" anchor desk now that she'll be sharing an even more imposing dais – with the leader of the free world.   Full story
A Digiday report on HuffPost Live this week explains how it helps The Huffington Post be everywhere, even on Hulu, whenever. It also revealed that John Oliver’s format of ranting about an important issue is about to be replicated.  Full story
Channel 4 anchor Jacquie Walker has been diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage and expects to be back at the station after she takes a few weeks off to get treatment.  Full story
It’s not exactly the kind of situation advertisers want to be associated with.  Full story
On November 6, the Associated Press asked Bill Cosby to comment on the rape allegations against him during an on-camera interview.  Full story
Mike Nichols, esteemed director/writer/producer and husband of Diane Sawyer, has died.  Full story
Researchers found a dog story in the national section of the New York Times is 2.6 times more likely to be picked up than a non-dog story.   Full story
In the wake of renewed rape allegations, Bill Cosby has seen his Netflix special postponed, his planned comeback sitcom killed and reruns of The Cosby Show pulled from rotation. According to the comedian's lawyers, however, it's not Cosby that should be worried, but the journalists covering his alleged crimes.  Full story
Civil rights leader Al Sharpton sharply denounced an extensive New York Times report that he and his companies are subject to $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens.  Full story
NBC has responded to reports that Natalie Morales and Willie Geist have been dropped from the Today show, saying the rumors are "wrong — period."  Full story
You might soon be waking up with new faces if you're a Today show devotee. In a quest to beat rival Good Morning America's ratings, NBC is shaking things up at the morning show.  Full story
Kansas City forecaster Gary Amble had some good news to report — the weather was going to be warmer — but the way it was phrased, as a result of the typo, ended up sounding like a teenager wrote the fullscreen graphic.  Full story
Around 15 people spent the night in the Lackawanna Police station, including an NFTA bus driver and three staff members from 7 Eyewitness News.  Full story
It seems that back on Sept. 29, station anchorman Chris May looked into the teleprompter and reported that a school police supervisor at a city charter school was fired over allegations that he sexually abused a boy.  Full story
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